Plastics Policy Inventory

Duke University; Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions


The Plastics Pollution Policy Inventory is an updateable and searchable database consisting of public policy documents targeting plastic pollution in several languages, beginning January 1, 2000. This database was built using a robust methodological process developed with the support of research librarians and experts on public policy databases. The inventory currently includes over 550 downloadable policies, in over 30 languages, with the intent to address plastic pollution by subnational, national, and international level governments, and is growing based on stakeholder input and continued research. The inventory is currently comprehensive at the international level, includes a representative but not exhaustive list of policies at the national level, and an illustrative list of policies at the subnational level.

Each policy document can be downloaded and includes metadata on the source, language, year enacted, location, jurisdictional level, and whether or not it has been included in published analyses. The inventory only contains plastic pollution-related policies which demonstrate clear intent on the part of policy makers to address plastic pollution. In addition, users can download other generally applicable policies found in searches for plastic pollution policies, illustrating other policies that may have impacts on the plastic waste stream but may not have been designed with the explicit intention of reducing plastic pollution.