Our Mission

The Plastiverse is a hub for assets and information exchange on plastic pollution research.

Vision and Commitment

We are committed to making science open and accessible to reduce institutional, economic, and logistical barriers against addressing plastic pollution globally.

We reject profiteering from crises and operates entirely through open community cooperation.

We strive for a healthier and sustainable world for all beings, and recognize the personhood and rights of nature.

We recognize that interlocking systems of domination which include capitalism, patriarchy, white supremacy, and colonialism have caused and maintain inequities in pollution burdens as well as access to science, tools and information to address such burdens. We address these inextricable systems by indexing tools, databases, and research groups that document disproportionate impacts to discriminated and marginalized groups.

Six friends and colleagues founded the Plastiverse.

Due to our international spread, all of us have yet to meet in person!

Four out of six of us met this Spring in Southern California.

(L->R; Win Cowger, Kara Wiggin, Leah Thornton-Hampton, Scott Coffin).
Not shown here: Orestis Herodotou and Cleo Stratmann.