High-Throughput River Sampling System (tentative name)

Optimized high-throughput sampling methodology based on ASTM D8332. Publication forthcoming. See links below for availabile details: Plastics in Action Landing Page https://www.nait.ca/applied-research/our-work-and-impact/plastics-research-in-action Sampling video https://youtu.be/JyOabOKCsB8?si=XItqg3gHLaXjiN9N Conference submission https://youtu.be/KqrZwpJ0fYA?si=2SpbR0tKLu1kq-3p


Open source web graphical user interface for serverless computer vision classification of individual items of trash within images.

Saturna Imaging System

A field-deployable imaging and illumination device that can rapidly characterize and quantify visible microplastic particles.

Roadmap for long-term monitoring for plastics in rivers

Roadmap monitoring plastics in rivers

This roadmap can guide researchers, practitioners and others with developing long-term monitoring programs for plastics in rivers. Relevant for macro- and microplastic monitoring. Pdf: Roadmap-monitoring-riverplastics-2022