State of the science on plastic chemicals 2024

  Chemicals are a central aspect of the plastics issue. Although there is a wealth of scientific information on plastic chemicals and polymers to inform policymakers, implementing this evidence is […]

Model Recycling Program Toolkit

An interactive collection of EPA and other materials to create effective programs for recycling, composting, anaerobic digestion, reuse, repair and waste reduction.

Trash Blitz

Citizen science app to collect data on trash. Contributes to Break Free From Plastic’s Global Brand Audits.

Plastics Management Index

Scoring tool for plastic lifecycle sustainability and management practices of countries with various data visualization tools and additional content.

Microplastic Compendium

Information platform for microplastics research aimed at general audience and in-depth researchers. Includes easy-to-read articles from invited authors.

Resource Plastic

Industry production and progress on plastic production with annual summaries.