Atlas of Ocean Microplastics

Database of monitoring and observational data on ocean microplastics provided by researchers, research institutes, and governments from around the world, including 2D maps of survey points (or location) and particle density distribution around the globe.

Plastic Prediction

A machine-learning model that predicts (rough estimates) of micro- and macro-plastic abundance in rivers prior to sampling.

Tire Particle Capture Device

Patent-pending device designed to be outfitted on car tires to capture tire particles using electrostatics and airflow.

Roadmap for long-term monitoring for plastics in rivers

Roadmap monitoring plastics in rivers

This roadmap can guide researchers, practitioners and others with developing long-term monitoring programs for plastics in rivers. Relevant for macro- and microplastic monitoring. Pdf: Roadmap-monitoring-riverplastics-2022

Framework Riverbank Plastic Monitoring Strategies

Proposed roadmap monitoring river plastics

Framework to Design and Compare Riverbank Plastic Monitoring Strategies. A meta-analysis of monitoring protocols for macroplastics on riverbanks – what are some of the factors that can be altered to […]