The Plastics Piranha

Clean Earth Rovers


The Plastics Piranha has been strategically engineered to pull plastics from the coastal waterways. By skimming marina facilities, the rover will be able to collect 300 lbs. of waste per trip. The Plastics Piranha finds the trash in your marina and efficiently pulls it into the machine. This allows it to hold all of the trash in the dumpster and keep it out of our oceans.

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Water Quality Data

While The Plastics Piranha is collecting trash and other debris from marinas and near shore waterways, it will also be collecting mass amounts of water quality data. The rover will track metrics like:

  • Dissolved Oxygen

  • Oxygen

  • Temperature

  • PH and more.

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Cloud Based Autonomy

The Plastics Piranha we will be able to guide the itself anywhere in the marina using autonomous self-driving technology for reliable and unmanned cleanups.

Sustainable and Safe


We care about the environment just as much as we care about saving it. That’s why The Plastics Piranha is 100% electric and uses obstacle avoidance software to stay out of boaters and marine lifes way.