FABCO Microplastics Filter Cartridge (stormwater capture device)




[This information was copied from a brochure. Note that this product has an unknown efficacy status at the time of writing. Please contact the manufacturer for additional information.]


Fabco Industries’ new unique Microplastics filter cartridge is specifically designed to capture microplastics in stormwater. NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) defines Microplastics as any plastic fragment less than 5mm (0.2in) in length. Other sources define MP as having a specific size range of 0.0001mm to 5mm. This cartridge will stop 80% of MP ranging from 0.002mm to 5.0mm

  • Dry Weight: 10 lbs (MAX)
  • Material:
    1. Housing: Polyethylene Polypropylene Copolymer
    2. Effluent Treatment Media: Proprietary Non-Toxic Treatment Products
    3. Support Hardware: CRES 300 Series or Equal
  • Flow Rate (TYP): 100 GPM (0.22 CFS)
  • Target Pollutant: Microplastics, 0.002mm::; MP::; 5mm.
  • Ring Identification Color: Brown
  • Installation: Insert into cartridge opening and rotate clockwise 30-degrees to lock cartridge in place.
  • Fits ALL Fabco StormBasin Products
  • Dispose of Cartridge in Accordance with Local Regulations