“All About Microplastics” Blog (South Korean)

미세플라스틱의 모든것

Korea Institute of Analytical Science


Blog regarding microplastics hosted by the Korea Institute of Analytical Science.


[website information copied below on 12-22-2022]

International accredited testing agency (KOLAS), microplastic test and analysis service/standard development laboratory foreign matter/failure analysis, -environment (water/soil/air), food (fish oil/salt/container/SAP absorption pad, cosmetics/toothpaste/fabric softener) / tissue paper / detergent, oysters / shellfish / seaweed, etc.) -Consumables for microplastic test analysis (filter/RM, etc.) and consulting, TED-GC-MS, micro-FT-IR, Raman, SEM/EDS, Contact to 02- 6951-1116 Korea Institute of Analytical Science (KIAST) (Seoul Forest AK Valley 1401~1410, Seongsu-dong)