Atlas of Ocean Microplastics

Database of monitoring and observational data on ocean microplastics provided by researchers, research institutes, and governments from around the world, including 2D maps of survey points (or location) and particle density distribution around the globe.

Global Plastic Policy Tool

Countries are exploring ways to reduce the impact of plastic. This tool explores different policy interventions both regionally and globally.

Plastic Prediction

A machine-learning model that predicts (rough estimates) of micro- and macro-plastic abundance in rivers prior to sampling.

Plastic Pirates

A European Citizen Science Campaign in which school clasess and youth groups collect plastic samples from streams and rivers and document their findings.

Global database on packaging producers and users

Open database with quantitative measures for company data on global plastic production and usage, including: plastic packaging weight, reusable plastic packaging percentage, post-consumer recycled plastic content and targets, and total and/or virgin plastic packaging reduction targets.


A digital platform for crowdsourcing structured information about plastic waste that utilizes an app that scans product barcodes.

Tire Particle Capture Device

Patent-pending device designed to be outfitted on car tires to capture tire particles using electrostatics and airflow.