Global Plastic Policy Tool

Countries are exploring ways to reduce the impact of plastic. This tool explores different policy interventions both regionally and globally.

Plastic Prediction

A machine-learning model that predicts (rough estimates) of micro- and macro-plastic abundance in rivers prior to sampling.


A digital platform for crowdsourcing structured information about plastic waste that utilizes an app that scans product barcodes.

Roadmap for long-term monitoring for plastics in rivers

Roadmap monitoring plastics in rivers

This roadmap can guide researchers, practitioners and others with developing long-term monitoring programs for plastics in rivers. Relevant for macro- and microplastic monitoring. Pdf: Roadmap-monitoring-riverplastics-2022

Framework Riverbank Plastic Monitoring Strategies

Proposed roadmap monitoring river plastics

Framework to Design and Compare Riverbank Plastic Monitoring Strategies. A meta-analysis of monitoring protocols for macroplastics on riverbanks – what are some of the factors that can be altered to […]