Atlas of Ocean Microplastics

Database of monitoring and observational data on ocean microplastics provided by researchers, research institutes, and governments from around the world, including 2D maps of survey points (or location) and particle density distribution around the globe.

OEOO Microplastic Pollution Map

Microplastic Pollution Map is the first interactive world map to document the nature and extent of marine pollution through microplastics. OEOO has been cooperating with the shipping line OPDR from […]


Database of plastic pollution powered (in part) by citizen-science smartphone-mediated monitoring.

Micro Investigators

New Zealand-based citizen science monitoring team for microplastics. Includes database, map of samples, and additional information for connecting with school kids.

Ocean Plastic Map

Crowdsourced (citizen science) living map/database of fouled beaches globally.

Marine Plastic Research Inventory

Database extracted from publications on marine plastic pollution in seas of East Asia, including science and humanities disciplines. As of 13 December 2021, it includes 701 publications.


Interactive mapping tool for land-based plastic waste locations based on open satellite data and modelled using artificial intelligence.